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Testimonial from Potential to Power
I am writing to acknowledge the creative talent of Mariet, who, with severe restrictions placed on her individuality and infinite experience, managed to produce a slide presentation for me that went far beyond what I expected to see.   She followed my brief to the letter, got a really good feel of who I was and what I wanted, and performed in record time too!!!
Lyn Lyndon
Potential To Power





Zazz Design formatted P2P's Workbook for her workshop.  Made sure that all the numbering, bullets, text and graphs and diagrams where in the same format.  We also inserted an automatic Table of Contents (which gets updated with the press of one button).  Made sure there is a constant visibility of the logo and maintain a professional look.

We also designed her onscreen PowerPoint presentation for the same workshop.  The Workbook and presentation had a constant flow of the corporate image running through.